Removing of Sewerage

Removing of Sewerag


  1. Therefore in the case it had been reported for the blockage, the SOME will be notified and he will assign the sewerage technicians to go and inspect for its magnitude.
  2. The sewer attendant before starting the work of removing the blockage, he must insure that he has the protective gears at hands e.g gloves, safety goggle, gum boot, apron, mask etc.
  3. In order to ensure that the toxic gaseous produced from the sewer is escaped (e.g methane, carbon dioxide, Hydrogen sulphide etc.), the sewer attendant have to open blocked chamber first, then he must open the nearest chamber to the direction of the sewage before starting executing the works.
  4. The sewer attendant should wait for about 15 minutes for lateral sewers and 30 minutes in main sewers before start attending the blockage.
  5. Before removal of blockages or any sewer maintenance, the sewer attendants have to know the direction of the network, pipe size, and the materials used for network construction.
  6. The sewer attendant has to wear harmful gas detector, safe belt and safety gears for the safety purposes.
  7. If sewerage technician reporting to fail to remove blockage at an area, then SOME will need to oversee if there is a need for report it as a collapse for easier action with time, to the sustainability of the sewer. Then SOME will report to SEE for advice and actions.
  8. SOME will be supervised and arrange the program of flushing in the sewerage network in every six month in order to avoid the problem of frequency blockages.