Functions of PMU

  • Manage all procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entity except adjudication and the award of contract
  • Support the functioning of the tender board
  • Plan the procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entity
  • Act as a secretariat to the tender board
  • Implement the decisions of the tender board
  • Act as a secretariat to the tender board
  • Insure the stored materials and non-stored materials are issued in proper manner.
  • Insure the received Materials are kept in storage area and are easily identifiable when they are required
  • Insure the Authority’s Materials are received as per Specifications.
  • Prepare monthly reports for the tender board
  • Maintain and archive records of the procurement and disposal process
  • Issue approved contract documents
  • Prepare contract documents
  • Prepare advertisements of tender opportunities
  • Prepare tendering documents
  • Check and prepare statements of requirements
  • Maintain a list or register of all contracts awarded
  • Recommend procurement and disposal by tender procedures
  • Plan the procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entity


The Communication Unit strives to facilitate internal and external communications and common understanding across DUWASA Plans, as well as engage the Plans in the vitality of the communities that host and surround it.

Responsible for planning, development and implementation of all of the Organization’s marketing communications, public relations activities, both external and internal. Oversees development and implementation of support materials and services in the area of marketing, communications and public relations. Directs the efforts of the marketing, communications and public relations and coordinates at the strategic and tactical levels with the other functions of the Organization.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Heads the legal Unit and assists Management in providing legal advice to the Board.
  • Makes follow up of implementation of all Board Resolutions.
  • Liaises with other national and international institutions on all matters pertaining to law, contracts, insurance and security matters affecting DUWASA.
  • Reviews and approves legal documents prepared by subordinates
  • Undertakes legal research and advises management accordingly
  • Handles problems of a specialized nature such as claims, illegal connections.
  • Reviews and develops the organization’s legal procedures and recommends areas of improvement
  • Ensures that a system of proper filing, safe custody and quick retrieval of all legal documents is in place
  • Directs reviews of legal reports and opinions on matters involving DUWASA claims for presentation to management
  • Coordinates preparation of unit budget and ensures effective control.
  • Evaluates the legal implications of DUWASA decisions and advises management to ensure the authority complies with all statutory requirements and other regulations
  • Provides guidance and training to subordinates
  • Drafts and scrutinizes legal documents such as contracts, leases, loans and other agreements
  • Represents the Authority in legal proceedings as my be required
  • Handles prosecution of cases as assigned and submit progress report to the Management
  • Assists Management in reviewing and recommending the necessary amendments of DUWASA Regulations.
  • Assists the Management to liaise with the High Court and courts subordinate, Various institutions, Government Ministries and Department on legal matters.
  • Prepares annual work plan and budget of the Unit for review of the Management.
  • Prepares plan and budget of the legal unit and supervises their implementation.
  • Conducts open performance review and appraisal of subordinates and gives feedback on performance improvement.
  • Develops individual performance objectives, targets and standards in consultation with their immediate superior as part of their performance agreement.
  • Performs any other duties as may be assigned by the Managing Director.



  • Managing the set up and development of internal audit office
  • Prepare audit work programs and monitoring audit with Carrying out systems audit and analysis to ascertain the effectiveness of established policies, procedures and plans and recommending appropriate improvements
  • Assessing and advising on the risks and adequacy of internal controls
  • Conduct regular audits of offices to ensure up to date financial records are kept
  • Assessing and advising on the risks and adequacy of internal controls
  • Ensure that the authority’s assets are adequately controlled, safeguarded and insured
  • Review audit reports with the authority’s external auditors
  • Other duties assigned by the Managing Director


Duties and Responsibilities:

a)Supervise all activities related to Information Technology in the Authority;

b)Develop strategies, plans and budget of the Management Information Systems section;

c)Review and advise on internal ICT policy;

d)Conduct studies to determine user requirements in terms hardware and software;

e)Allocate ICT system access levels for security purposes;

f)Develop specifications of required hardware and software to facilitate their procurement;

g)Advise on the design website, databases and computer networks to support Authority activities and operations