New Connections

  1. For the customer to have new connection the following have to be considered.
  2. Customer attendant will take details of the customer requesting for water supply service including Name, plot and block number of the area where water is to be installed (for planned areas).
  3. NWCI will arrange for the plumber to visit site of the expected customer in order to know the place and identify the nearest water tapping point possible.
  4. For areas where DUWASA pipeline is far away from the plot, the plumber will advice the expected customer to request connection from his/her neighbor.
  5. For distance not exceeding 50m, the plumber will ask the expected customer to submit site plan, two (2) recent passport size photos, letter from a neighbor allowing to tape water (where applicable).
  6. For distance exceeding 50m, the plumber will communicate the matter with the supervisor for discussions before being allowed to submit the items in 4.4 above.
  7. Quotations and a list of materials (pipes and fittings) required for connection will prepared and given to the customer for payment.
  8. The customer will submit the payment receipt at the new connections office, ready for installation water service.